Which is Better Uber or Taxi?

One of the main factors about the Uber industry coming into existence is that it gives those who use cab services some options. Before this, the only option when it came to cabs was which cab company to choose.


Uber services actually come under the category of ride sharing. The Uber drivers are using their own vehicles which are most often the only vehicle they own. Whereas cab drivers normally have a vehicle that is designated for taxi services only.


One of the big factors that draw people to using Uber services is convenience. Those who wish to use these services call in advance and can book a specific time for the uber driver to show up for them. This is not something that is easily done with cab services. This convenience is often used by those who otherwise may have to flag down a cab which can be really frustrating and often not a successful endeavour.

Better Routes

Many will say that Uber drivers rely on better technology for mapping out their routes. Cab drivers tend to stay with the same routes they are familiar with. Riders can often give instructions to the Uber driver as to which route to take if they feel there is a better one.

Better Rates

There are a lot of people that feel that Uber rates are much more reasonable than the taxi rates. Riders know exactly what they are going to be paying for and are not being hit with a fee before the vehicle even goes into motion.

Some people do not feel comfortable getting into a vehicle that is not designated as a cab. They believe that personal security is better with the cab industry. However, both types of drivers do go through a screening process and they all have to be licenced drivers.