Inspirational Taxi Stories

In general, most people take the taxi industry for granted. It is just one of the many services that add convenience to the public’s lifestyle. There are some great inspirational stories that revolve around taxis.

Love Song “Taxi”

Taxi is a love song that was written by Harry Chapin. He was inspired by a woman named Clare Alden MacIntryre-Ross. The song is about two lovers from the past who meet up years later when the male counterpart is a cab driver who happens to pick up the woman many years later.

Cabbies Teaching Life Lessons In Courtesy

For the most part, patrons using cab services have certain expectations that they set on their drivers. Basically, they expect the driver to manoeuvre their vehicle safety and efficiently and get the passenger to their destination as quickly as possible.

There are some cabbies though that go beyond these traditional duties. For example, one happy customer reported that the customer service she received from her cab driver was exceptional. It only consisted of a few minor quirks but ones that she felt were important and brightened up her day. For example, making sure she got seated safely in the vehicle. Handing her a neatly folded newspaper to enjoy while on route. Then to top it off giving her a selection of CDs to choose from for her listening pleasure.

An Act of Compassion

One cabbie forfeited the fare when he discovered that his aged passenger was on her way to a hospice because she did not have long to live. Her desire for this last journey was to once more view the beautiful city in which she lived. What turned out to be a short drive was a long sightseeing one at no cost to the passenger.

These are just a few of many inspirational stories with many more to be told.