Taxi Movie Highlights

There are all different types of movies to be enjoyed. They are made up of a collection of scenes which take place in all parts of the world. They are often enhanced with a variety of different props and are comprised of specific themes. There are some great movies where the theme revolves around taxis.

A Purple Taxi

A movie which dates back to 1977, with its setting taking place in Ireland. The focal point, as the name implies, is the mauve taxi being driven by Dr Seamus played by Fred Astaire. Although the name may give the indication that this a comedy, it is actually a drama, and received some great reviews.

Taxi Girl

For those who enjoy movies with a lighter theme to them, which are usually comedies, then it means seeing Taxi Girl. The star of this show inherits a taxi business which now sets the future path of her life. During the movie, she encounters many of the ordinary situations that some cab drivers encounter, which adds to the comedy plot of the movie throughout its entirety.

Taxi for Tobruk

Viewing this movie means going back in time to 1961 when it was made, but the movie itself takes the viewers back to the World War II era.

Taxi Para Tres

Again, an older movie, but one which is full of suspense, with the taxi driver headlining the plot of the film. Faced with the horror of having to drive crooks around while they go about their nasty deeds, is enough of a spoiler to entice you to see this oldie, but goodie, movie.


For those who are into sitcoms, they surely will not want to miss Taxi, which is an American series. Other television programmes that revolve around cabs include Cash Cab, Taxicab Confessions and Quiz Taxi.

It is surprising to realise that something as familiar as a cab can provide a whole host of entertainment.