Types of Cabs

When one thinks of cabs especially in the UK they may restrict themselves to only consider what is known as the standard version. Yet there are many categories of vehicles that come under the umbrella of being a taxi.

Hackney Carriages

These are considered to be a type of taxi. Based on the fact that they are a mode of transportation meant to transport a small number of individuals to a designated destination for a fee. They are what most would consider to be the traditional type vehicle that comes in a variety of different models and sizes.

Mini Cabs

This term can have different meanings in different countries. In the UK they are used to reference those vehicles that are available for private hiring. They are not the type of cab where one flags them down. They are pre-booked. They are one of the main competitors in the standard cab industry.


One of the newest forms of taxis to hit the streets throughout the UK is the Ubers. In some ways, they are very similar to the standard taxis. One of the differences is that they tend to cheaper with their fares, and the fares can be prepaid before the passenger is even picked up.

Other Options

There are other options for vehicle transportation that some feel fit into the taxi category. One of these is the limousine services. But these are considered a separate entity because they are not normally used in the same manner that the common cabs are. Yet they are still partly considered to be part of the taxi industry.

Vehicles that are used for the purpose of transportation that fall into the taxi category must follow stringent rules. They have to be licenced in order to be used for the taxi service. They have regulating bodies that set the rules for the cab industry.