The Taxi Industry

One of the most common and yet essential industries is the taxi trade. This website is dedicated to those who wish to gain greater insight into this industry, and to learn about some interesting information concerning it.

Throughout this site, you are going to enjoy some exciting topics and ones which may inspire you to have a greater appreciation for this industry.

Cab Types

It is interesting to learn a little more about the various cab types, as we often become complacent about this, and just take for granted that there is only one type of cab. In our posts here, you are going to learn a little about their history, as well as the various types of taxis.

Ubers and Taxis

There has undoubtedly been plenty of talk about the competition between taxis and Ubers. Here, the information presented gives some basic understanding, as to what the benefits of each of these are, and what the differences are, which exist between these two transportation industries.


It is true that not every taxi experience is a pleasant one. But, for the most part, taxis, in general, play a significant role in meeting the needs for transportation. You can just imagine that taxi drivers encounter people from all walks of life. We want to include some inspirational stories here that revolve around this topic. You will surely find them interesting and heartwarming.

Taxis in the Movies

To add some fun to our site, we added some exciting posts which cover the topic of movies that revolve around taxis.

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